Mom’s Waterless Mansion

Date: 7/19/2019

By briannagio

I was staying with my mom, but we were living in a mansion. It was really late at night and she was telling me to go stay at my dad’s because the water in the mansion stopped working. I didn’t want to because my dad and I were in a huge fight. I went to go see if the water had started working again, but a bunch of baby roaches came out of the faucet when I turned it on. The roaches crawled all over my hands. I was at the Zdzieba’s getting my hair done [we were actually in my dad’s kitchen]. Mrs. Rachel cut my hair, but she forgot to give me highlights. She was getting ready to blow it out, and Renee said she wanted hers straightened afterward. Mrs. Rachel started complaining that she needed to go to bed. I wasn’t sure if I should tell her that she didn’t need to blow my hair out or if I should just let her do it since she already forgot to give me highlights.