Date: 4/21/2017

By Ollieking123

Me, my mom and my dad went to the beach but on this cliffside there was a queue for this mine train roller coaster. We has fast pass tickets so we got to skip the queue and went straight to the entrance. 6 people got on the ride and it set off, but then it released this swimming pool underneath the tracks which was being used for lifesaving classes. So tawana and braden were somehow there, so we were swimming and when we got out, we were getting back into our school uniform. Braden asked me to teach him how to take his tie off fast, so i did. Then, in a room similar to my house layout, i tricked a girl into following me into my bathroom but i ran into my bedroom instead, whilst she went into the bathroom. This is where she met this ginger haired female wrestler, and she showed us the latest moves, where a giant fist comes down from the sky onto the floor.