3 Car Crashes

Date: 2/18/2017

By chloe-d

I'm in a van going to the mall with my friend Moira, my cousin Liz, and my other cousin (opposite side) Jordan, when i realize that I forgot my wallet. We turn around to get it and get into a car crash. No one is really worried but we do get it fixed somehow. So we continue driving and get into ANOTHER crash except this time it's just like a coating or something was cracked . While Moira and Liz are trying to fix it, i get a call from my mom telling me that i forgot my keys, wallet, and a water, so i pretend like nothing bad happened and tell her we're on our way back home. Once they fix it, jordan says he'll drive. We get to my house and my house, for whatever reason, is on a pond now. There's a dock going into the pond from our side and one connecting to my front door, so Jordan decides that we have to jump from one dock to the other on the car. Miraculously, we make it over into the dock safely, but the car continues to roll and falls into the water.