Kickbacks and Sexy Parties

Date: 3/5/2017

By LionFoot65

Last night I decided to smoke weed and listen to lucid dream hypnosis and even though I didn't lucid dream, I still remember that in my dream I went to a friend's house where his older brother had manually set up his a electric system in a weird way if that makes sense. We where there to smoke weed and I remember bringing my weed cherry jar with me lol. I was about to match with him until I saw these Tibetan Monks doing this cool shamanic ritual of magic or something in his back yard. We never smoked the blunt because we went outside to look for our cats for some reason. Then there was suddenly a party and the house was also different. After talking to some friends, a cute, skinny, smiley girl I've never seen IRL came up to me. After talking for a little bit I seductively told her that she was either going to suck my big cock or I was going to fuck her hard before she leaves the party. She seductively smiled back and said she thought it was a good idea but she was going to do something really quick first. I then remembered to go get myself a condom from my backpack which magically appeared at the party. When I went to go talk to her again, I saw that she was talking to a friend who also looked pretty fine but for some reason I thought it would be best not to interrupt their conversation smh at my dream self lol. The dream shifted into something else soon after that anyway. Me and my friend began planning what kind of fun stuff we could be doing while skipping school because I wasn't going to school that school day in the dream. The dream ended after that though.