Kingdom of WTF and the Magic Mirror

Date: 4/29/2017

By drunchee

In this dream, a whole flipping story played out. There was a kingdom of wimsical zanny characters, including a green monster with the voice of Gus from Uncle Grandpa. I imagine him as a half Gus half Frankenstein monster man. He was a calm but very strong creature. Then there was this jester character, who was tired of being pulled around and controlled by the king I guess. He owned a magic mirror that, when looked into, transformed you into what you think of yourself as. The kingdom’s characters suspected the Jester of being a fake, like the episode of Rick and Morty where there's alien parasites everywhere. Well they all thought the Jester was a parasite, so they had him in a chair and were about to attack him. This little elf character, who looked like a cartoony Christmas elf, grabbed the mirror from the Jester and put it in front of him, so the Jester transformed. The elf squeaked: "ew! Why is your desire to be all scratched up?" Referring to the scratches all over the Jester's new humanoid arms (the Jester was actually like a Rainbow sock puppet). The Jester had transformed into a humanoid fleshy creature, with flesh rods attached to his body like a marionette puppet. He was symbolically turned into a puppet, controlled forever more. This was a very detailed and deep dream, I'm surprised I had it.