Date: 4/16/2017

By DreamerDeceiver

The beginning of this dream, I can't remember. I only recall having been in the bakery my grandparents used to have. Inside was my mom, aunt,two sisters, and this strange white robot, resembling those of the I Robot movie (Human like robot. White all around, thin, agile, and blank facial expression). Everything was----------I REMEMBER NOW!---- i think the setting was inside the bakery still although it was more of a scientific/ military type of experiment where they rolled in this bedthing with this creature and I was attached to this creature who I'm guessing was injured and weak. The creature was alive and I was walking around it and made eye contact with it. It's face was clearly injured as I couldn't see the eyes to clear. The creature gave me its hand and I held it. The creature squeezed and slightly pulled it and I panicked and pulled away (within the dream I felt this connection to the creature/robot and I knew it would trust me the most). Shortly after I pulled away, things stared to get tense as the creature was severely upset for something and my aunt advices that I should leave through the front entrance of the bakery. As I walked over to the entrance of the bakery the creature was breaking out of its chains from its "bed". My heart started rushing and my aunt yelled for me and my sisters to run. As my mom and aunt tried to stop it. I couldn't find the key to the door out, I found it and made a run for it. My sisters came along and my first place to run to was to my cousins house to west of the bakery (facing the bakery through the front). I told my sisters to lay low as we ran. I looked over the my left and from afar I saw this creature run with impressive speed. It wasn't coming towards me but it was pretty creepy seeing this thing which now resembled a robot run like a human. I was sacred out of my mind and my sisters were slow so I decided to run towards the grocery store directly ahead of the bakery. I left my sisters behind. At this point I knew my mother and aunt were killed by this thing and I ran with great speed. I approached this area where a there where brick walls every ~70 feet. The brick walls had holes in them and I would easily jump through them. I had this thought in my mind that the robot had an Idea of where I was and I was terrified. I approached a mall and ran through a crowd of people inside. I knew this robot was in the mall as well. I spotted the robot and it was a game of hide and seek. This robot ran through the crowd desperately looking for me. It was relatively easy to spot this robot among the normal crowd. Within the mall I ran into this clothing store and went into it. I was really scared and didn't know what to do because this robot/ creature was invincible (or had great strength) and I knew that I couldn't kill it even if I wanted to. I knew that giving up on this chase meant for a trip of suffering with this unbeatable machine. I made it through the other side of the clothing store and exited. I spotted the machine from a far going the opposite way of where I was. Seeing this white futuristic machine with a facial expression of a human was a creepy moment. I quickly ran into the store and out through the other side again. There was an elevator and didn't think if using it. As there where 3 floors to the mall and thought the machine had already gone up to the second floor by this time. I walked pass the elevator and nearly ran into the machine. This moment was a heart stopping one. I stood there not too far away from it as it looked around the crowd of people. I didn't know whether that was it and I was seen or not. I noticed that it didn't make direct eye contact so I normally turned around and walked onto the elevator platform and pulled out my cellphone to act as if I was one with the crowd. I was terrified. I thought that this machine would recognize me from the back and was prepare to feel it grab me by the shoulder. These where the longest seconds within the dream as I waited for the elevator to up.....I woke up.