Finding a place for fun

Date: 4/29/2017

By DreamWeirdo

My dream started with this guy I knew a year ago coming into my room with my mom in a separate bed next to me sleeping. We begin to make out and my mom gets upset and leaves. I end up falling back asleep and we are taking ecstasy and partying in some weird club. Then we decide to give each other oral and find a place for us to go so we can fool around. When we can't find a place we leave. He comes back with random people in his tiny pink car and we end up giving oral some place else. Then we are just trying to find places for is in my neighborhood to give oral to each other. We go to the baseball diamond where people are playing baseball in the middle of the night. We run from everybody chasing us there. We meet up once again and everyone is getting out of their houses. I know some of the people in the houses. There is a fight that is about to start so everyone is getting wiled up. Then I wake up