Digital art, Generate an image of a fast-moving black blob called the trans tram that only allows trans people to ride it, and maybe include parkour or obstacles on the track.

Trans Tram

Date: 6/18/2019

By BooBooJrfangirl

I had a dream where it was the night of my high school graduation and I was late getting to the arena. So I went to the subway and saw that it was jam packed. There was no way to ride the subway and make it on time. But right next to the dirty overpacked subway was a pristine subway system that only trans people could ride. I’m not trans so obviously I couldn’t ride the trans tram with out a plus one pass, and my trans friend was already at the arena. But I kept trying to do some parkour off of the trans track to save time. But the trans tram kept running me over and killing me. Every time I died I heard the GTA “WASTED” thing and then I would be woken up again. The trans tram was a black blob with no wheels and moved very fast. I think if you’re trans you can see what it looks like. I remember seeing a vision of the governor opening the trans tram and saying “it’s the least we can do” really epic.

AI generated interpretation Based on your dream, it appears that you may be feeling anxious about being late or not making it somewhere important in your life. The fact that it was your high school graduation suggests that this is an event or milestone that holds significant meaning for you. The crowded and dirty subway may represent the chaos and stress of everyday life, while the pristine trans tram that only trans people could ride suggests a sense of exclusivity or access to something that is not readily available to everyone. Your attempts to do parkour off of the trans track may symbolize your desire to be resourceful and find a way to reach your goal, even if it means taking unconventional or risky paths. However, the trans tram repeatedly running you over and killing you suggests a fear of failure or not being able to meet expectations, as well as a potential sense of guilt or shame for not being trans and not being able to access this exclusive transportation system. The repeated "WASTED" sound effect from GTA may represent a feeling of frustration or disappointment with yourself for not being successful in reaching your destination. The vision of the governor opening the trans tram and saying "it's the least we can do" may suggest a desire for validation or recognition from authority figures, or an acknowledgement of the struggles and challenges faced by marginalized groups such as the trans community. It may also represent a hope for a more inclusive and accepting society. Overall, it seems that your dream may be highlighting feelings of pressure and anxiety related to achieving certain goals or milestones, while also pointing to a desire for access and inclusion for all individuals regardless of their identity.