Second Semester Meltdown

Date: 4/16/2017

By ace200

It was the first day of the second semester. I had no idea and was following my normal classes, not realizing some might have changed for the next two quarters. In Spanish, I remember having to present a project with Jocelyn and Donnez. I eventually realized I was going to all the wrong classes and my anxiety kicked in. In my dream, I became very unstable and walking was hard, like my legs would not function. Chemistry class was outside the Google Works and I could not sit still in my desk and kept sliding down the hill out front. I went on my phone to check my schedule and Ulmer took it from me. I yelled at him for being a terrible teacher. It was so hot having class outside, but Ulmer said it was due to budget cuts. Jocelyn and I road the elevator upstairs after class, but since my legs were not functioning and my brain was like on speed mood and nothing made sense, I couldn't seem to get on. I had to crawl. After school, now at the Google Works, I found Taydem and Olivia and explained how I was mad no one warned me the second semester was coming. It turned into my Junior year starting and I went to all my wrong classes. I started to cry, thinking my Junior year would be horrible because of my outdoor class, bad teachers, bad impression on friends with my messed up legs, and the fact that I had to start picking colleges soon. I called my mom because I missed the bus and she said she would pick me up if I went canoeing with her because it started raining and she said the streets were flooding. I really didn't want to, but did. I was then with Gretchen and Zoe and they were playing dolls. I watched their innocence as I did homework. It turned into Lion King/Moana on a journey to stop an evil jelly fish from destroying Africa.