Huge Cat

Date: 6/22/2017

By taymay17

I was at my grandmother's house, and I was playing a game on the iPad. My mum and my grandma were eating dinner at the table, and then my grandma says, "Look at the little kitty in the window!" So I turn around and in the window a humungous black cat the size of a huge lion. I was startled but I wasn't as scared as I would've been in real life. Then I look into the other window by the back yard, where my little brother and cousin were playing and there were two more of the huge cat things. One of them was roaring at my cousin and she screamed. Then I quickly turned around and there was another cat, staring at me. It was about three times my size and it's teeth were sharp. And then it "roared" at me. It looked like it was roaring but it sounded like somebody wheezing. I had the random urge to try and hold it, but as I touch the cat it turned into something that looked like a baby fox. it was sleeping in my lap and I was petting it. That's really all I could remember.