Date: 5/18/2017

By Carolina

I was with the receptionist and he took me to a bar. it felt very romantic and the receptionist sort of morphed into m. m was with his baby and said it was finally time to introduce us. she stared i to my eyes and it felt even more romantic. they also had a special pet mouse. m took the baby and said he would be right back but left the mouse. i got scared immediately and the mouse ran away from me. it clung to my finger tightly with big bug eyes. when i tries to get it off my fingers it stuck so tightly that i squished it and it turned a pale white. then it turned into a butterfly or moth and flew away. m came back and was horrified. he was angry and tearful. i asked him a question and he said "i don't care anymore make up your own mind" but when i made a choice he said it was wrong and changed it