Past crushes pt. 2

Date: 2/2/2019

By Kendrick

For some reason as of lately I’ve been having dreams where all of my old crushes show up and try to ruin my current relationship I don’t know. I’m sitting in my house with may crush from the previous dream (payton) and we’re hanging out then I go to get some food or something. Anyway I’m in the kitchen and my old crush (Reynolds) shows up and he’s like I’ve missed you. If you’ve read my last dream you get what happened here but if not it’s cool. So I’m like well I don’t now if you’ll excuse me, and on my way out of the kitchen I bump into josh peters. This one is gonna be fun. So I continue walking back to where payton was and they kept following me. I was getting pissed off now and my best friend (Ana) showed up and she’s like it’s like you’re in a reality show. So the two past crushes are apologizing and wanting me back for some reason I have no clue why but anyway I’m getting really posed off now and I walk off yelling “MY LIFE IS BECOMING THE F*CKING BACHELORETTE AND IM NOT OK WITH IT”. Then for some reason that sparked the great idea to take me out on different dates so that they can all win me over. So I said only if you guess my perfect date and take me on it. Now payton knows my two perfect dates, one for where we live and the other for the beach and Reynolds knows I like the beach and josh knows too but I’ve never told them it’s my perfect date so I’m basically giving payton the upper hand here. Then I woke up.