What to expect when it's unexpected

Date: 8/11/2019

By Lottie

I dreamt that I was pregnant, I must've only been a couple weeks. I could feel a difference in my stomach. This was when I was telling everyone "I'm pregnant" My girlfriend was excited, though I didn't know who the father was. My mom didn't care, my neighbors got excited aside from one other neighbor who just recently had a baby, she was excited that I'd go through the pain of pregnancy and birth. I remember telling my mom "I don't want to birth this thing" and then later, when my mom still wasn't caring, "I'm going to give it up for adoption" and she responded with "no you're not." I ended up in situations where I was hurting myself or this baby because nobody really cared or because I wasn't used to carrying the damn thing I climbed a fence to get away from some dogs, but the fence them became too high for me to get down and I had to wait for the owner to help me down. I had to get over a break in a path that people just normally lift themselves onto, I needed help. A guy that I guess dream-me was friends with helped me up. I also had to climb over the top of a fence to get out of danger, and needed help but nobody helped me, so had to squish my stomach while trying to get over. It was painful and concerning. When I got home, my girlfriend was asking who the father was, I went on Facebook to see if I could make any sense of it. I couldn't. She just assured me she was excited and I said, "Even if you don't know who the father is? Because there has to be a father right? That's one of the requirements!". She simply told me that she was still happy and wanted to hold the baby.