Bits of love affair at school (?)

Date: 4/22/2017

By dixsilence

I was at the old highschool, there was a girl I like, she was kind of goth, black short hair, white skin with freckles, distant and a rude attitude. It was like the last days so we were on road trips an celebrations. I only remember being on a building washing dishes, she was kind of interested on some activity wich involved dessert. I was serving the desserts and trying to take her attention, obviously failing. Besides that I had a girlfriend, wich is my ex in real life, we were like inseparable and knew everything about each other. She was very comprehensive and nice (not like irl, lol) so I don't know why I wanted the other girl. When I was leaving I remember grabbing her like because I was cold, it was very warm and kind of seductive. I don't remember but I'll be adding more of this.