Donald Trump teaches me a lesson

Date: 8/18/2017

By toxxicduck

I had this dream while camping at East Lake, Oregon. I barely remember the beginning of my dream, but it was in a Vietnamese restaurant. I came in with someone, a friend I don’t remember. The Vietnamese woman behind the cashier counter knew us and smiled, so I knew we were regulars. Though I was a regular, there was something really creepy and disturbing about the restaurant, something about the food. I also knew that the place was closing soon and the woman was upset about it. Then, I was in a classroom. It was pretty small and had desks lined up on the sides in pairs of two so that there was a walkway through the center. The front had a whiteboard that scaled the entire front wall of the room. I sat in the second row, next to the walkway, in the 4th column (seems kind of important). I don’t remember seeing any other students. Donald Trump was the teacher, but he may have been a guest teacher. He certainly didn’t feel like he was the teacher I was supposed to have. I went in and took a seat and he immediately had me take a lottery. I was the only person in class so of course I won. I was excited for my prize. Trump gave me a choice of my reward; a valuable treasure that I don’t remember and others that I don’t remember. The one I chose was a reward of one million dollars that came in a bundle of checks. They were made out of blue construction paper and the amount and lines and signature were written in black crayon like a child's creation. Despite these things, I still thought the checks might work if not for the obviously fake childishly written Donald Trump signature. I called Trump out on the fake checks and he made it out to be a life lesson to be learned. I felt so cheated that I lucidly made the dream start over so I could do the lottery again. This time, my winnings were a choice between a set of shiny gold medallions and coins all in various sizes and patterns on them, and a DLC for Skyrim that was a set of cool looking super powerful armor. A widescreen tv showed up on the wall and Trump showed me the DLC on it. I saw Skyrim characters of Trump and one of his sons (the light haired one?) wearing Dwarven themed gold and stone helmets, revolving around them to show it off. I said “nah, I don’t care about that” to the DLC and no-brainer chose the medallions. Trump was obviously hurt by my words. I gathered up the medallions and for some strange reason apologized to Trump for hurting his feelings, even though I was still feeling angry and indignant about being cheated. Then I left the classroom to go to the restroom. I really had to pee. The hallway looked like the second floor of Jefferson Middle school and I was coming out of where my Reading classroom was. The bathroom was a few doors down, where my Homeroom used to be. The hall was empty of people, just like the classroom was. I went into the bathroom and the whole room was in ruins. The stalls to the bathrooms were either broken off or wouldn’t lock, and they also weren't big enough out to fit my legs. The toilets were also either totally destroyed or were stuffed with random stuff. It was like a bathroom in Fallout. One toilet bowl was blocked by some kind of small old school computer. I had to pee so bad that I was desperate. I decided to just go on one of the totally destroyed ones. I figured since no one has been maintaining things it didn’t really matter, but as soon as I squatted down to pee, I became overly paranoid that someone was going to barge into the bathroom and see me, so I got up and ran out of the bathroom, and then I woke up.