future school

Date: 1/31/2017

By xoe

At first, freaking out. I don't remember anything. Where are my books? Where are my classes? Then I realize it is the first day of school. No fear. We take the river. We just sit in it and it carries us to school. Very urban landscape. Sky clogged with white drones, small floating white wind turbines and big green ships that look like UFOs We run through the crowded barrio. Colorful shops. Run down alleys, dance on ledges. Some boys are scary and mean. I keep taking my sisters clothes because I have none. We loot the place. I pick up an olive green, beaded silk scarf. It's tangled with a black mirrored dress another girl is getting. She thinks I want her dress. We sleep without underwear on a bare mattress. A. boy wearing a big puffy outfit is marauding with friends and rolling in our vaginal secretions as soon as we get up. Mon the top shelf, I spy someth by I mean st have. It is a ceramic lamp. A pink magic hat comes mbined with a factory. I must have it. I get it down and run.