Flying in Northwest Dreamscape

Date: 6/27/2017

By contactsilence

Characters: Mom Dean - brother Darla - sister Heather - childhood friend Dr W - my Dr Mom's co-worker Fat Mike Random kid - don't know him Random people - don't know them. I was in a neighborhood that was northwest in the dreamscape. By this I mean I have a sense of location. I'm interested in this dream world. It was near the hospital where my mom worked for years. Her coworker fat Mike came up to me and put his hands on my hips and commented how wide they were and how that was good. I remember thinking how inappropriate and this made me feel self conscious that he thought my hips were wide. This made Albert very jealous. I thought how weird of this guy. I went Looking for my mom at the hospital and passed my brother. I lost mom in the halls and decided to pick Dean up because I think it was very hot. Besides I was able to fly and take us around more quickly. The halls were filled with random people and it forked going two directions. I think he walls were brown. Then I started flying way up high and was outside, all of a sudden. I was amazed at how high and fast I was and I was looking down at the field and swooped down and said hey, build a pool right here!! And I pointed whilst swooping back up; I yelled this confidently! There was a soccer field just below me. I yelled this for all the workers to see and I was really pretty obnoxious about it. I used my pillow to flap and gain height as i was flying. Dr Wu was in my dream and I think he was impressed with how I was taking care of a child. Heather came to visit, but I didn't have much time for her. She said the drive was long and lonely. I gave her a nod of empathy. Darla was in my dream but I don't remember much of her.