Date: 5/13/2019

By abbyjay123

In a dorm, not my own, but where i live, im coating my hair in layers and layers of soap and washing it with water every now and then. Even though i am in the middle of doing this, my RA calls for everyone to line up in the hallway. They’re having an optional pool party, and i want to go. I text ashton that ill drive us, and we’ll meet sam there. Once ashton and i get in my car and start driving, i realize that my hair is still wet and i get an almost anxiety filled chill. The second i do, an enormous semi swerves around a corner and flips. I stop just in time and hold an arm out to protect ashton as we see the semi just barely a foot in front of us. I dont know how, but ashton and i are leaving the dorm again. Something doesnt feel right, and my hair is wet. I look at ashton for a second right before the same semi flips on that same corner, and we stop. Once again, we’re leaving the dorm. I get a shiver as i say, “ashton, that truck is going to hit us if we dont change.” So, we stop earlier than before, and we run out of my car before the semi flips. We make it all the way to a forest area by a huge lake, and sam, sabrina, and britney are sitting on a rock near the water. Ashton and i wade over, and i can feel that my hair is still wet. I shiver, but its not cold. We’re all talking about an outdoor game they play here, but the rock we’re on starts to crack. All of us are being slowly pulled into the water, and I’m the only one who sees an escape route. I swim over to an area of rocks/trees above the water, but when i climb out to safety, there are two hanging bodies above me. I don’t look up at them, since i know when i do that itll be ashton and sabrina. Then, i hear my name as i stand up and turn to see my friends back on the same rock, unharmed, dry, and above water. Ashton and i start to wade over to them. My hair is wet. I realize too late again what’s happening as the rock cracks. I swim up to that same spot, this time with the bodies swinging slightly and facing me. Sam calls my name, and I stand up in between the bodies to seem my friends on the rock. Ashton and i wade over to them, and we talk about the outdoor game before i remember my hair is wet and get a chill, and the rock cracks. When i crawl back out of the water, my clothes are heavy, and the bodies are closer to me. My friends are on the rock. Ashton and i wade over. My hair is wet, and i shiver. As we sink into the water, i realize that this will happen over and over and eventually the hanging bodies wont be hanging anymore, and theyll push my head back under water when i try to get out, but i wont remember enough to stop it. I dont want this to continue, so i am forced to pull myself out of the deepest sleep ive ever been in, and im still not quite sure how i managed to do it. When im out of sleep, i walk to the mirror and notice how wet my hair is. Its rough and all over the place, and everything smells and tastes like lake water. I say, “i dont know how it could have possibly been this wet?” I go to the bathroom to blow dry my hair, but im in the lobby waiting for ashton to come down. We’re driving to the pool party to meet sam. Then i wake up.