I cuss out someone and see my ex.

Date: 2/20/2019

By KawaiiVixen09

I was in art class, and I was making flowers. I messed up and got mad. I threw something on the ground that wasn’t mine. It was a lego pirate ship. I freaked out and said “OMG IM SO SORRY!” And started picking up some stuff. And then these girls come up to me. “You’re so needy” “You have no chill!” “You’re so angry” “Oh my god why are you even here” Then I got really fucking angry. “Ok well, you’re a BITCH, A CUNT, A SLUT, A WHORE, A FUCKER AND A HORRIBLE PERSON.” Then I got up no shits given and helped the girl out with her LEGO ship. She explained to me that it was actually her brother’s and he was actually building it really quickly. I had to go to my next class. I ran and did some parkour, onto a railing and into this little area I wasn’t supposed to be. The ceiling was low and I had to crawl back to the stair area. I asked a teacher for help and all he said was “pfft what ever.” I was hanging for a bit and then my ex jumped there for a moment. I didn’t realize it because I’d been there for so long sleeping hanging off the edge. I looked up and saw him. He was sitting right in front of me with his legs open, and my FACE WAS IN BETWEEN HIS LEGS. I realized it and basically had an anime blush and looked down still hanging on the edge. “Hey” he said *me with muffled voice* “sorry I’m tired” “Well, you could sleep in my studio if you’d like” I popped my head up. “NOPE” I swung my self up and over and ran away. I ran to class, where, for some reason, was lighted with a bunch of blue lights. Everyone was wearing pyjamas. I missed a bit of the important stuff so as I got in, we had to line up. I got back into the hallway and with a bunch of classes. I asked that SAME teacher that didn’t help me earlier as to what we were doing and all he said was “you should have been there for the class” I just didn’t care at this point. I went back to my group and saw what they got done in class. I looked at it and was so confused. But I was with smart people, so I would be okay! Then I woke up. Throughout the dream I was wearing a skeleton onesie that I wore to bed.