Date: 6/15/2019

By gabriel4031

Im in a grocery store and am approached by three teenaged boys. They tell me they will kidnap me, but they allow me to pack some things. There is also a special needs girl, about age 9 or 10. eventually she realizes what her problem is, and pulls a sock out of her ear! She’s fine, and they abandon the idea of taking her now that she’s not deaf. I start planning an escape. I convince them to allow me to email my family so they don’t worry. I email the police instead and give them their email addresses and a description too. I’m still in a public place, but they have my things in a convertible car, red. I realize that they will stuff me in there. I see DD and try to let her know what’s going on. She only wants to tell her own story and won’t hear me. They want to take me to Texas. That and the trunk convince me to try harder. The one called Marco is onto me. I try to run, and get away. I take their car. By now the cops have arrived and catch the boys. I am planning on returning with the car when I wake up.