Date: 3/3/2017

By lilacsilverbloom

I asked hannah carrol to show me the platforms in tryon right before my psychology test. I had trouble putting on my shoe. and she took me there with the sad girl from psych methods and one guy. The bridge closed on us and we tried to find another way out. We saw another door but if we opened it the alarm would go off but this man with a husky opened it for us!! And I played with the husky!!! Then we went back to campus and my skirt was all twisted up. I went to my test and I got in yelled at for having my review guide out but I put it away. Jolina came back in the room cuz she left for a bit and cole kept asking me to give him answers. The questions turned into math and I got anxious because it was hard. Jolina tried to start a dance party during the test and maggie was trying to get me to dance but I was focused on finishing my test.