Office Decorum

Date: 6/21/2017

By Fitful

I was in an office building, obviously working there. The whole place was tilting, as if some mad storm had rocked a ship at sea, despite the fact there was no sea in sight. I spied coworkers coming down the hall, I leaned against the wall as my perception of everything tilted. Mad giggles escaped everyone, my coworkers sounded drunk but I knew they were not. In fact I knew it was a widespread thing, everyone was affected by whatever is was which made the giggles. I felt I was more in control of the mad giggling than others, I pretended my giggles weren't there. It didn't last long. My boss came out a door to the left, he too was masking his mad giggles, as if aware they didn't belong in his mouth. He kept returning to a downturned disapproving scowl, I tried my best to copy his decorum. Once he was gone, there I was back sloshing between walls as the perception changed again, and madly giggling helplessly against the posted notices of the office.