Decidedly Failing Expectations and Jan

Date: 4/2/2017

By Cj

My mom handed me a small, white animal. We were assigned to different tasks; I had to take Jan back to our friends before I could go home. For whatever reason, I wasn't willing to drive or just forgot, so she sat in the driver's seat, even though she wasn't feeling well. I ended up reaching over and driving for her, which I knew was illegal and would be caught by the cameras. There was a very large, round man. He may have beem my father in this house I had to leave. My brother and his friends were there before I had to leave; they might have been gigging / getting ready to head to a gig. My mom (perhaps my "parents") wanted me to do something; it was expected of me. I knew I would disappoint as I couldn't do this thing. (It was a public thing / performance of some thing/task.) Perhaps family in South America were expecting to see it. I remember thinking about the fact that I wouldn't do it as they expected as I did something in my closet. The thing might have included driving to them after driving Jan to our friends. I never felt sad about deciding my own way; I only knew I was going to do what I knew was best for me to do.