Angels and demons

Date: 1/16/2017

By Rocketeer○•°.●

my friend told that if in a dream i was marrying someone that may also be the love of your life in reality... a couple of years ago i had a dream where i was courted by a man and he invited to get married with him, after i packed my bags he led me into an open space and we were flying up in the sky. looking up the sky was filled with lots and lots of clouds, but in the part where we were flying there was a big hole, the sky was really gray in the first layer and really bright in the upper layer. when we reached the first layer, there were demons there they were really loud and said many bad things, i was kind of scared and i hugged him closer, he reassured me. then we flew higher to the upper layer of the clouds, and it was really bright, there were many angels which were beatiful, composed and elegant. in the middle of them all, there was ( i think) God, we were all there and i looked up to him wondering why we were there, he was wearing angels clothing and glowing very brightly like very other angel in sky, i could never see his face, probably because i never saw him before, yet i could tell he was smiling at me to calm me. then everyone was speaking, i couldnt really understand much of what everyone was talking about, but i knew that they were debating whether an angel and a human can be together. in the middle of their discussion, i saw a passafe way, not knowing what was ther i went ahead, the passage led me to the garden of eden. it was very beautiful, there were many kinds of plants and animals i have never seen before there, i explored the beauty. and thats where i t ended. i never really knew what happened with the court and their decision with my beautiful angel, but i hope we could've been together :)