new tattoo idea, planting seeds inside ur skin

Date: 2/19/2017

By moonqoddess

i dreamt i was back in russia at my grandmas but it was bigger and different but still recgonzable and for some reason gavin free and michael jones came to visit for a fan meeting and other fans actually showed up too? the guys showed up in a van and there was smt like a team nice dynamite drive i dont remember what it was. i was spending quality time with michael and he started tattooing me for some reason, they were tattoos on my fore arms and then they left. then i had a sequence of me going trough my phone and finding old pictures of myself and remembering memories (but they were all fake which sucks cause its gonna mess me up). one in particular was of me and two old roommates, i was naked except for overknees boots and a nude cardigan. my two room mates were posing with me and covering up my boobs and privates. there were comments under the pictures for some reason and of the roomies commented with how hot we looked, what a great time it was and how they miss me. another one was of me when i was around 6, in a full body suit. it was red and velvet and a costume that kept changing shape from mermaid to a lobster. there were multiple ones of me in that costume doing balett. i kept getting mixed memories of being ariel in the little mermaid or a lobster version of her crab friend sebastian. the comments were from my dad, about how well i danced. i took a screenshot and send it to a friend of mine (caleb) being all excited to find out i did balett and played a major role in a show. while this was happening i was going trough a rlly (whats the english word for "eng" again?) cave of those salt stones that form in some caves. and i was with the other fans. then it went back to me watching two of the other fans from the meetup talk to each other. we were back at my grandparents place. my bpd was acting up and kept making me mad, how dare they talk to each other and not include me? apparently gavin and michael were gonna return and they got them gifts. i came to them to listen and see what they got for them. it was mostly fancy alcohol and some journals? they gave me a weird look and left the table and met up with another fan who happened to be my elementary school classmate named florian. i got even more mad. i left the table to stand by a tree feeling like shit cause i didnt get gaving nor michael anything and thats when they came back in a jeep. it was a little bit further from the table but i could see them well. the others stormed the car (there were only about 4-5 other fans) while i kept standing at the tree. gavin was approaching me and i slipped for no reason and cursed in german he got kinda freaked out and turned around to greet the other fans. i got closer to the jeep and heard gavin say to the fans that today they wont be doing that team nice dynamite car thing cause theyre not staying long enough. next they went to my grandmas kitchen and i went back to stand next to the tree. one of my grandmas cats came down meowing and i gave it a cautious pet cause it was the one who hated to be pet. i left when gavin came to pet it and completely ignored me. i was near the table and saw michael and one of the other fans i saw at the table earlier talk and he was tattooing her too. her legs tho, or more specifically her thighs. he was doing some big dots on there and then stopped to get another tool to add vertical dots but those were like seed plants that got injected into the leg? i was envious. and then i woke up thinking i would let michael inject seed plants into my legs.