Oops, In trouble with storm troopers

Date: 6/21/2019

By petal

Dream turned stupidly semi lucid as I started to wake up. I haven’t been messing with my dreams for months as I have a new job within the same company. It requires my full attention and doesn’t allow for being tired or distracted during the day. Must of been dreaming though, this morning it was something about work in a odd huge ancient warehouse in a pretty Victorian parkland. All the bosses had either been sacked or left because of shady misconduct or incompetencies, or just pissed off or had a bust up with the CEO. This left mostly the people I liked with more freedom to “work better in the field”. I said as much in a team meeting. I started to realise I was dreaming then because it’s very much like real events in waking life, just more extreme and well funny. It’s true I’m doing more good stuff without over supervision by stressed up zealous bosses. I went out in the park and found a hammock to lounge in. My friend and old team leader came up the park path and lean over a cast iron fence to say hello to me. She said “so this is what you get up to now on your day off”. I’m like “yeah well, it’s actually nice to have a regular day, unlike working for you in your department”. She goes away not very annoyed with me. She knows I’m happier and better suited to were I am. Then I know I’m dreaming and think it’s time to wake up even though it is my day off and is really early in the morning. I’m not thinking right. I fly up into the sky and look down at the park and realise there is some Star-wars interactive game going on. I didn’t learn how to play games when they were interactive. You were just playing against a machine. My tactic to learn a new game was to just start shooting everything or everyone to see what happens. It wasn’t like anyone got cross. The worse that could happen was you lost your three lives, died and had to start all over again. As I knew I was in a dream I decided to deploy this tactic before I woke up for a bit of fun. So I started shooting at random storm troopers in the pretty park and before I knew it I had a swarm of storm trooper very angry at me. I started to feel like there actually real people but I keep shooting cause well it’s a game right? and they choose to play don’t they? Even if it’s all a big dream don’t people choose what they play at? This is my dream reasoning. I don’t think like this when I’m not dreaming, or at least not consciously. I see the original main characters of the original film scouting about the park in a compact group making swift and efficient movement across the park war zone. (I haven’t watched the newer Star-Wars films much, I like Star-Wars but not a nerdy fan. I don’t pay too much attention as to who’s who, if I do get to see a new film. It’s usually at work and I have to keep an eye on other stuff, like who’s bedtime it is, who’s had their meds and if they’ve got their pack lunch ready.) I accidentally shoot one of the main players and like “oh no!” Cause I don’t know if I’ve busted Chewbacca or Han Solo. I’m upset cause there’re both my favourites. A swarm of storm troopers rise up in a big spiral towards me. It’s quite a awesome vision. I’m thinking “fuck, now I’m in trouble.” I try to wake up but I’m worried the dreams going to pan out into one of those fake awakening affairs and I don’t want them storm troopers catching up on me, cause they look mighty pissed and there is an awful lot of them. I do wake up and I’m okay. The sun is streaming through my Ikea lace curtains, I do not have to go to work and it’s going to be a nice day. I think thank fuck for that but I hope Chewbacca and Han Solo are okay.