Beach House

Date: 7/14/2017

By CaseyKitten

Dreamed that Big Tone got this amazing place on the water- ugly units on the outside, but out back was a winderland. not the ocean-ocean, but more like Matanzas which was mindblowingly amazing and impressive and he said I could invite all my friends to come hang out outside and eat. Heather came, Matt Teague came with his family. Pretty sure Keith was there. I don't much recall any of my usual clique being there, tho (kat, Shay). Also dreamed there was a little girl who wasn't being taken care of by her mommy, and coco and I took her in and she never wanted anything else to do with her mommy again, but we kept running into her at places. She couldn't believe I was buying her new clothes for school with coco, and she would have all her supplies already when she got there. We had to take her to the dr for some reason, something about her side would have toxic stuff come out of it sometimes if she was unwell? Her mom was there for some other reason, and was showing her ass. Coco and her were roughhousing and coco hurt the place, so I told them to only roughhouse w their arms, like they were planing chicken. At Tony's house I kept getting delayed from getting in the water on my new float bc Heather and Melissa Pritchett kept wanting me to go to the junk store with them, and I would want to, but I would really want to be in the water on my float and kept wasting time on that decision. Marley was there on leave from Japan, awkward as always, but I was happy he was there and was bragging that he was in the navy and I shared my food with him, and I do not like to share my food.