Hippy Guy from Work Borrows My Bike

Date: 7/22/2017

By fluffytree

Just remember being downtown someplace in my car and I see this guy that used to work on the 2nd floor at my job come up to me and start talking. Then in the midst of conversation he asks if he can see my bike, which I have either in my trunk or on the trunk rack. He was a hippy type looking white guy who usually wore his hair in dreads and was always pretty cool with me so I figured I'd let him even though I still felt reluctant to say yes. I'd just rather not let anyone borrow my bike especially since I don't know this dude all that well. He takes it out, walks it a little ways away and rides it. I see him go around the corner and I know he took it up to the roof cos he always hangs out up there with his friends. I dunno how I know this, I just know. So I sit around in my car for what feels like a long time before I get fed up and go looking for him. Soon as I get close to his building he yells down from the roof that everything's cool and he's bringing it back in a second. I feel somewhat relieved cos I mean, if something happened I'd have to shell out another $400 for a replacement even though I'd be expecting him to pay for all that anyway since he'd be liable. I go up there anyway and find him sitting around with his friends just hanging out just as I thought. My bike is sitting against the wall nearby and no one's riding it. He quickly gets up to go get it for me and says "thanks bro" as he hands it over. I nod and mentally decide I'll never let anyone borrow my bike again that's for sure. I wake up shortly after this.