Odd School Dance Dream

Date: 5/6/2017

By astralArbitrary

It starts off not with me but with Carly... from iCarly. I don't know either. She had put on a shiny purple pencil skirt in the living room as well as an unbuttoned jacket and was moving around in it, testing the fabric I suppose. Then Spencer arrives and tells her to stop- that skirt isn't appropriate and she's doing "the dance" that she does in skirts. Again, I don't know either. I don't remember very well but they may have bickered for a bit before the dream changed. Now it's me. I had apparently arrived at school for the dance. I'm pretty sure I was in the science lab, but it also could have been just some random classroom conjured up by my mind to look like one at my school. Everyone was dressed nice, and I was too. Think I was in my concert wear with a brownish sheepskin jacket over it. Better shoes, maybe? It was close to that. Apparently there were rumors that you could run the mile if you want, for school spirit maybe. They had costumes and accessories at the front lab bench in boxes if you wanted to wear one, you know, for school spirit and fun. I paced in front of them quite a few times and looked around the room a bit, but nothing else really jumped out at me. I think I was looking for something to spice up my outfit? There were some people behind the lab bench, handling it I think, as well as scattered throughout the room on benches, like the ones at my old school's science lab. After this the chronology gets a little fuzzy. Next, I think that I'm outside the lab in the eighth grade wing at my locker, but it's not where my locker usually is- it's near the doors at the entrance to the hall on the right side. Next to my locker was I'm pretty sure Ryan O'Rourke's and Sully Weidman's, although it may not have been directly next to mine. I remember a confrontation with him but not when or how. Apparently, I wanted to clean it out. I don't remember anything else until this, but it was relatively close to the last part. The hall's been completely plated with very reflective, shiny bright red little mosaic tiles. Even on the floor and ceiling. It was super gorgeous, and I said that it was so pretty before spinning around to get a full view of everything. The tiles shimmered and looked like they had patterns interwoven in them. I think I remember Ryan mentioned that he might have taken part in putting them in. Maybe. After this the whole dream changes again. I'm walking in some sort of amalgamation in my mind of the staircase at school and the branching one at my old school that had the paintings on the wall. I think I go downstairs because I hear a girl crying, but I may have gone down on my own accord and heard her later. I go into what was supposed to be the front room and wing branch but instead it's a larger room with those smaller red plastic chairs in rows and some other stuff that I can't place. She's upset because she thinks that everyone has to run the mile again. I tell her that it's optional; only if you wanted to. She seems relieved and goes to confirm it with a teacher or something. The two boys next to her, apparently her dates, as this is a school dance after all, looked bored and might have made some rude comments as she was away. I give them a look and one says "We don't even know her name." I flick the one to my right on the forehead and get up and leave. Next, what I'm pretty sure happens is that I actually start to clean out my locker, and the people next to me too. I don't remember anything about my locker, except that the other people's along with mine had these weird sort of record tape-shaped objects that were in abundance for some reason. Sully's did too. Then, I open a locker that I don't know the owner of. I remove a tape from the front and there's a piece of paper wedged right between it and the next thing. It says, "I've loved Michelle since 8th, 9th, 10th grade." That's me! The numbers were blue, red, and white with a gray border, respectively. Apparently my mind thought I was in 10th grade, not eighth? It was an end of the year dance, after all, so it would have been a full 10th year. I don't know who had wrote it, but as I'm writing this I have strong suspicions of it feeling like Ethan from my Spanish class, which is weird because I rarely see him and he doesn't talk to me most of the time. I remember feeling pleased because I received no signs of boys liking me on Valentine's Day, so this was a make-up of sorts. I remember also seeing a blown up version of that as a poster on the current 3D drawings board downstairs, but don't remember from when or anything about the things that happened around it. After that, Ryan O'Rourke is behind me and holding a bouquet of one or a few light pink flowers, most likely carnations or roses. I turn around and then back again, for some reason. Think I was surprised. "Hey Michelle" he says. "Will you take off your underwear?" (At this point I'm thinking he's just a fuckboy) "Because..." he starts pulling up his right pant leg, able to go surprisingly far with tighter dress pants. Also, his legs look less like scrawny Ryan O'Rourke legs and more like Tony's. Fuckin' odd. All throughout this, there's a super awkward and creepy pause in what he's saying. "...I want to Pik-At-Chu." The fucking worst pick-up line for the fucking grossest person ever. Also, creepy and stalkerish. I remember collapsing and curling up into a ball so I can't see anything, fake laughing at it like every other joke he makes. I'm disgusted. Since my vision is gone the dream changes, and now I'm in a supermarket. This is common throughout my dreams- to be in multiple supermarkets trying to find the "right" one. It's tedious. They all look similar throughout my dreams too, being of a set few. Anyways, I'm there and apparently I got lost, so I'm trying to find the right one so I can get back to school, even though it's at school, not a supermarket. If I remember correctly, it was a Shaw's that I was trying to find. I walk around a bit before seeing Luke Dunnebier with two other blond haired kids who looked a little off their rockers. The run around and then I'm in another market, then another, and so on until I'm outside at a new building, which looks the like the back of one the jewelry stores here in town, which I've never been to. Oddly specific, but I digress. I walk towards it before finding a rectangular dug hole in the ground, and I remember remarking that it might be for a basement, even though it wasn't underneath the building. I think I may have played around in it for a moment before leaving to continue walking, and I reach the road. I think I text my friends and ask where they are so I can get back to school. I look behind me from where I was and I see an in-development mansion-looking place with thin blue paper walls on the frame, not the jewelry store. Odd. Apparently they're trying to get back too or something. Here this part goes on hold for another dream interjecting in. Its a series of me rejecting Emma Myer's physical touching, like an arm around my shoulder, etc. The last one is of her wrapping her arms around me from the back but I shove her off and tell her to stop, it's uncomfortable. She gets upset and angry at this as I go to leave the enclosed area on a roof at sunset we were at. Now the other dream is back and it's me and my friends, walking on a really dark road that is like 4 lanes with a little thing of grass in the middle. We're trying to get back. Since it's really hard to see I put on my phone's flashlight but it's really dim, so I try the sudden new options there to go brighter, which don't actually exist on real phones besides the regular old flashlight. The one furthest to the right has an icon so big it doesn't fit the screen, and it's also the brightest. I turn it on and the dream starts to end here. I remember continuous straining of my eyes to keep seeing as the light fades in and out. We most likely made it back to school. Then I woke up.