Lost in London

Date: 5/24/2017

By ctrl-alt-doll

I was at a university went down some stairs and found I couldn't get back in the university campus. So I went around but couldn't find my way back. At first I was in London city and then in more suburban areas. I was carrying bags of stuff. I got some money British pounds and was trying to unfold them. But I didn't have a wallet to put them in. I kept dropping the notes. The wind was blowing them and I had to chase some before they were on the road with traffic. I got them all. Some were Australian notes. I got on a bus and when it was time to get off I rang the bell and my foot was caught in fishing line. I got the foot out and was scrambling up a muddy slope to get to the top. Two men were there and they wouldn't help. They left. I got to the top with all my stuff and money. I found somewhere to sit and started to sort the money and stuff. I just felt frustrated. My husband came along and I asked him to help me find my way. He left and went too fast for me to keep up. I sat down again on a bench seat and there were rotten vegetables among my stuff. Another woman came and sat. I told her they were not my vegetables. I threw away rotten lettuce and rotten sliced cucumbers. I tried sorting my bags again to make them lighter and divide stuff equally. Then, I was waiting for a tram and my husband turned up in a bullet type vehicle that turned into a fish mouth when he talked. I asked him to help me get back and he told me to use my gps and left and left me there.