The Talking Dead, Existential Puzzle, Amish Armsman, Horror Party

Date: 2/9/2017

By Fitful

Two Dreams? One. I'm a nanny following some woman through a department store. I'm carrying her baby in a baby sling, just the one piece of cloth. I drop its grapefruit juice, for some reason it's in a regular size jug which is glass. It leaks from then on, the metal lid gets dented. Then I realize the baby slipped out of the sling while I was back at the elevator. I manage to go back and get it. The woman is mad when I come back, one of the baby's socks is missing. Later I have the baby in shoes and she still isn't happy. Two. I am in a warehouse owned by family. I am trying to get a piece of this canvas cloth tarp thing, which happens to be a mural of sorts, because I need it to wrap a body. My grandmother is there, she isn't moved by my struggle. I make up a story about needing it to make a quilt and she says no, if anyone were to make a quilt with this it would be her, since she is the seamstress. I am suddenly stuck in a box, a square room, of just that canvas tarp, and it looks like real four walls made of cement. One corner is ripped and letting light in. She is standing there taunting me, telling me to get out if I can. I shout at the walls, "let me out" but I don't know how to get out. It feel like it is some existential puzzle. Finally I attack the walls, they turn back into canvas, and realize I am trying to get at the canvas for a purpose. I do tear them up into manageable pieces and stack them to carry away. She takes credit still by ordering me to tell whomever I give the quilt to that she made it. She includes a scarf of the same color. I am viewing the boy we killed, in his last moments. He is not a nice person but apparently to his family he really is nice and loving. He brings a whole sled of electronics to his home, they are Amish and don't like modern things. He is outside with the neighbors as his parents watch, he trades them for a single cannon or some such thing. His parents argue with the neighbors, over his motives. The neighbors say he sold them this stuff in aid of revenge, he doesn't love them at all, they mock and made digs at the boys family. The boys family disagree and say it is because he loves them so much he tricked them into taking all these fine electronics to get back what really matters. There are some weird facts held up. We never find why the boy wanted the cannon. But he isn't really a boy is he, he is a young man around 20 something. My mom and me end up killing this horrid boy. Well first he comes in, and does something so cruel and ends up dead. He isn't exactly dead since he still can talk. My boyfriend comes in and sees him laying dead on the kitchen floor, and assumes he was hitting on me. It doesn't help the dead horrid boy talks and incites him. They end up fighting and the horrid boy is trying to kill me, and my mother kills him dead again, there is a moment when he is hung up in the window of our warehouse store like an anti Jesus on an invisible upside down cross. The rope around his neck kills him finally, and my boyfriend has no idea what is going on. I take him away and send him on a fake mission to find something for the party. I am with a group of friends. It is a sleepover party for the birthday girl. One of the twins is having a birthday. There is this weird trust exercise where all the girls touch her face. Literally caressing it for a long time. I start to suspect this is a movie when I realize the twins are Tegan and Sara. And the other twin is acting upset, like she has something on her mind, but in a dramatic way. Sitting on a bed by herself, looking grim and brooding. I think to myself, I didn't know she was an actor. And back to the birthday girl and the trust exercise . We have that very bitchy friend, she says everyone exists to do her bidding. And well, she isn't joking. Everyone just stares at her when she doesn't get that is rude to say. Anyway I am scrambling to create the present for the birthday girl. I have to go to an alternate reality to make it. I think I get it right but her twin sister is offended and has me do it again. It's a dead body wrapped up at the end. Further into the movie/horror party the dead body is found by my grandmother. The girls don't know this. She thinks she killed him and tries to cover it up. The story begins to build to the horror party finding the dead body and thinking they killed it . Yes one of those story lines. Some more stuff happens with the party and the birthday girl. I get caught in an alternative dimension for a bit during the party.