Burning it down (Fail)

Date: 7/13/2019

By tjhj

I was in my childhood home which doubled as a fire station. I was talking with the guys when suddenly i had this desire tos et the entire place on fire. I just wanted to get in trouble and burn everything down. I resisted, but in the end found myself placing the wood against a door and dousing it in gas or something. I lit the match and dropped it on the wood. Then i moved to the home part of the building where my aunt was sleeping. Once it grew smokey, I left and blocked the door. I stood there waiting dor the flames and trying decide if what I did was right. I opted to run back inside and stop everything but found that the fire was put out easily by one person while everyone else ran away. He approached me, thanking me for testing them. He knee that he was the only putting effort into things but now he sees that he's beyond those cowards. He was going to leave and start working on his music career.