Rethinking Bunnies, Hot Girls In Castles, and Exes

Date: 7/27/2017

By Fitful

We were walking to go out and have a good time, myself and a friend. Apparently we lived a long way from the city because it was a journey on a long dirt road. There was a bunny, it either attacked my leg and I kicked it or i startled it into a lake nearby. Feeling bad I waded into the lake to get it out and came out covered in mud. We had to go back home to change before going out again. ~ We found a pool of hot girls. I was immediately interested. My friend wasn't a lesbian but ti told her she could sit beside me and they would look at her (she was almost attractive) while I looked at them. It worked too. But a bit later we got an invitation up to the house on the hill which owned the public pool. It was your sterotypical haunted mansion, or looked to be like that. Huge and staggering with turrets and buttresses and basically wanted to be a replica of Dracula's castle. It was full of hot girls too, all living there like it was a college dorm. Apparently the best who showed up at the pool were picked to live there. Then they were turns into monsters, with sharp pointed teeth like some aquatic carnivore. They might have all been one monster. ~ I was going to school, some school again out in the middle of nowhere. It was a cave system carved out to live in. It was quite elaborate as was the society I lived in. It was perfect for students as well, a large school was included in the community, one which I attended. I wasn't really interested in the rest of the classes. I only went to the school for this girl I liked. It was my ex girlfriend actually, but in the dream she was only a friend. I was really only going to the school for her. But then I found myself liking a certain teacher a lot. I kept going back to each class and enjoying it more and more. I think i told someone I could spend a year just in her class and be perfectly content. Laura, the girl I originally liked soon became the principle of the school although that probably wasn't the title. She made a lot of changes I didn't like. The one I recall being the most controversial to me was the toilets. The public restroom was located in a small cave system outside of the rest. It contained three toilets which were all carved and then had a metal spout for water. She removed the normal spout which had done the job perfectly well and installed one which worked automatically, it sprayed water up and cleaned you when you sang a song. Or it sang a song to remind you it would flush. It didn't work very well. The water pressure was too high, it over shot and drenched you, then when you tried to get away from the toilet it turned on the shower. The shower then caught you and completely drenched you. And it only turned hot when the shower was almost over. To say I was made way an understatement.