Meeting BAP and weird aliens??

Date: 8/17/2017

By pea-p0d

I was in my kitchen trying to get some food and it was like 7 in the evening. I looked out the kitchen window when I see the bang yongguk there. I rush over to the living room and looked and begged for a camera. I ran out of the house with someone's phone and I saw that BAP was filming something in my neighborhood. They finished up filming as soon as I ran out and yongguk approached me. I asked for a photo and he took a selfie with me. Then he called over the rest of the group but they were taking their own pictures. After they took their pictures they started walking to Hutchinson where there was a play. We sat on the bleachers and took a photo. I wanted it to be with just bap but the crew joined in too along with Saigya. After the photos were done we sat down to watch the performance. After a while I turned around to see they weren't there. Even saigya was gone. I saw my friend, TASBIHA in the crowd and I went up to talk to her. I fangirled over meeting bap and told her and her friend that was there the story of how it all happened. Afterwards I had no way of getting home and I thought of asking biha for a ride but instead I just ran home. As I was running home I saw a child with a yellow shirt running home and the random persons phone started to ring. I assumed it was my parents worrying about me but didn't bother picking up cause I was so close to home. As I neared my home, I saw some weird creature with a giant head, he had a son and the dad tried to kill a snake that was in the way to protect his son. Then we were in what seemed like a senior citizen home but for the weird creatures son was there. He seemed like he didn't want to be there but he went along with it but turns out they scam you. If you were living there they measure how well you're doing to see when you can leave, except the more you pay the better you do so once you throw away all your money then you can leave. But the aliens don't have any money so they are trapped there.