Arena Battle 2 tha death

Date: 7/26/2017

By MasheenJr

I was playing this indoor game that my mom created and it was where you had to try to kill each other or force the other team to surrender. We were doing ok and my weapon was a crossbow but people thought I was cheating because I was using a crossbow. There was one game where I got hit and fell down and Pokémon cards fell out of my pocket. Then, I got graised by another bullet and they went to instant replay and it showed me getting hit. We went to the semi-finals and we were playing Morgan from the walking dead and other people. They forced us to surrender. I was doing really good with the crossbow. The finals was my mom's team versus my brother's team. I also went to spit and I think I threw up. Yesterday was my dad's birthday and in my dream he was loading the dishwasher and working which seems kind of rude since it was his birthday.