The redheaded boy

Date: 6/21/2017

By jm45

I lived in this very small town. I'm not sure what year it was, but I think it was now. There was this redheaded boy who was crazy (but strangely good looking) and every once and a while he would snap and attempt to murder the girls in the town. Sometimes he succeeded in actually really hurting people. But he never got in trouble or went to jail because his mother would go even more psycho if he did. So everyone tried to avoid him. There was like a castle thing next to the bar and I went there with Maddy and some of the other girls in the Dream. We got really sugary cocktails and drank them but we had to quickly because the bartender and he workers were robots and they turned bad at midnight. Then we went to this specialty Disney cupcake shop and we were on a beach trip with the school, which included the redhead boy. I was with my friend who was another boy fooling around, and after a bit the redhead boy tried to drown me by pushing me into the sea with a raft but I escaped. I knew he was about to go crazy again so we had to all try to hide. Before I woke up we found out he was molested by his even crazier father at a young age and that's part of why he was the way that he was.