A dream come true

Date: 7/15/2019

By happycharmy

I finally dreamed about my favourite idol and it was sooo good! 😍 So basically there was a concert because he just made his come back and we obviously went there. It was a good one, i remember that I showed him a heart sign and he showed it back too, but the last song was a little bit difderent. He told us that he need ppl on the stage for this last song, so I thought i must go, so I went to the stage too. Everyone got a mask, like carneval or ball masks, it was soo misterious and cool. So we danced there i think, and at the end he threw a bouquet to the ppl who where on the stage, first it wasnt landed at me but he came to me and played that he threw it right into my lap and said that he will marry me hahaha 😍🤣 After that we could take some pictures with him, and i was like I will wait till everyone will finish, so it will be just him and I (haha like a mastermind 🤣🤣🤣) and when the last person left I went to him and sit right next to him, we started to chat while I tried to make a selfie, the only problem was that i knew how to make one, but it didn't matter witch button I pushed it always did something different than it should. (Maybe it's kind of that you can't see yourself in your dream? Or what? I only could think of that..) anyway, it didn't botherd him, I asked if he happy that he finally back, he said no and I looked up him and asked in panic that really?? And he laughed and said that he just kidding, and he is very happy, I said that I hope everything will going well for him, and he smiled and hug me but also kinda felt like he flirting with me, cause our legs were crossed all the way wtf hahaha, I think in the end he gave me his number and thats where I woke up T-T anyway it was a perfect dream haha 😄😄