The tree

Date: 2/18/2017

By BethHamilton2001

So I was at my nan's house and was looking out the window to see this giant tree which I loved was being cut down in the field behind their house. Later on I went to the town to ask for a job and the woman I spoke to said they didn't have anything and then she said she didn't trust me for some reason so I gave her a hug. I went back to my Nan's to see the field and the tree on fire. me, my nan, my grandad and some stranger (who was my nan's friend) were watching this until the woman started crying and my nan told me that the stranger felt guilty because she cut the tree down. Then I went to where the fire was, once it stopped, and it was a massive tunnel now and some man said they were building it into a fun place for children to play. Later we went to the town again and I saw the shop but didn't go inside. instead I went to another shop and bought 2 sweets.