Mountain Lion

Date: 8/13/2017

By rangelstephen

Me and Aidan were getting home from doing something we weren't supposed to or getting ready to sneak away and go somewhere but when we got to where my house is the entry looked like Aidan's house like the tv room and front hallway but the kitchen and the laundry room were like my house, but I don't know who's mom was there but I saw Aidan's dad in the bathroom wearing a stretched out dominos pizza shirt. I know we loaded up a backpack and grabbed the beats pill. They ordered pizza so we grabbed a plate, loaded it up, went to the laundry room where we saw Aidan's dad, got some dr.peppers and went out through the garage to eat on the driveway and I assume discuss our game plan. I think we had expensive cars in the garage like a jeep. When we sat down, out of the porch of my house a deer ran sprinting out, full speed heading for the fence to the right of bob and Monica's. Shortly after that a mountain lion came chasing and I asked Aidan was that a mountain lion and with like a chuckle he said yeah. It seemed so common for a mountain lion to sprint through out neighborhood. As the mountain lion was chasing the deer it stopped under the street light and turned around to look at us cause we got up to watch. When it was starting at us I threw my soda can at it to try and scare it over to the fence where the deer went. Whenever it hit the ground next to it it took off over to the fence where a chair was leaned up next to the fence. It climbed on the chair and stopped again to look at us cause we moved up and were standing behind a SUV watching now. I think me and Aidan were also shapeshifters cause Aidan thought to try and scare it over the fence he should turn into a deer and charge it. The mountain lion watched Aidan come close then took off after Aidan, and got away while I was just standing and watching, the mountain lion turned its attention towards me and charged me. Whenever it got close my first instinct was to grab it by its nostrils and slap the top of its head. Whenever I hit him he slowly turned into a donkey under the streetlight.