Combat and a Massive Field Training Exercise in the Woods... ROTC

Date: 7/22/2019

By AJacobs

So, it was a dream, I know at the end, and I assume the start, we all had Woodland BDU Camoflague. I also was not wearing a patrol cap but was wearing multiple layered neckwarmers. It earliest thing I recall was being on a mission with Downs. It didn't go well. We were in a forest by some buildings. While we were on like a platform 10 feet high next to a dumpster or something, he pointed out a building that was hostile. At first I didn't think it was hostile because I saw a regular caution sign on it. Then I saw the hostile sign on it farther down the wall. Then a firefight started up. Hostiles in windows and us returning fire while scrambling the opposite way down the stairs off the platform. I don't really recall what happened then. I think we regrouped with others and headed back to the main base camp. We made it back to camp and rested. I was called up to LTC Jajack and some other commander. They asked me if I'd command as I was supposed to. The map(s?) showed three command positions each with intricate battle plans in blue. Then mine was yellow with a couple defense lines. Jajack, "You know you were supposed to be-" "Acting as the Militia Governor Commander, yes sir." I finished for him. (I'm not sure what the exact title is, even in dream I wasn't sure. The main point was Militia though, I might have read it off of the map with the yellow lines. He told me that I could have the command if I retook that building by the dumpster from before, it was by a town with an Nar- name starting with N, I hadn't remembered it in dream either. I had to take the building between 3:30 and 6:30. I was going to correct/confirm with him, 1530 to 1830, but I had some kind of mental block. It was probably around 1000/10:00am at the time. We were dismissed, it was like me and one other guy for the longest time but I don't remember who he was. So as I continued my day, I occasionally asked for volunteers from just the other soldiers as well as those with vehicles for transportation. Pretty much everyone denied. I was getting fairly frustrated. So, at one point (or more), I found myself and my buddy walking through the enemy base which was not very far from our base main camp. The enemy base was located in a large building on a wharf (industrialized dock for large ships and cargo). We were just walking through. Everyone except us had red armbands. We hoped they wouldn't notice and just continued to trudge through. I pretty much averted my eyes from everyone and only started straight ahead. We were being tailed. The was a right turn at the edge of the building twenty five feet in front of me which led to the large dirt ramp up to our main base camp. It was like on elevated ground by perhaps fifty feet above the ground hear at the docks. I tapped my buddy and whispered something. Then we took off at a sprint. Immediately, I heard the man tailing us do the same. I stole a glance backwards and saw him running and a couple of other guys with red armbands look in curiosity and confusion. We sprinted up the long dirt ramp. I felt a couple of prickles as something like an airsoft pellets shit me in the back, but I paid them no heed. Next we were back at the main camp, which looked like a construction yard, and I was miserably asking for volunteers for the mission to start in a couple hours at 3:30. I vowed to just command people to come with me in a couple hours, it was incredibly frustrating the LTC Jajack tasked me with an objective without giving me command of any unit. I was mad but recognized it as a test of charisma. I went off searching throughout the barracks tent for my platoon (as I did a bunch of times in this dream). I might be missing a section of action, here... there may have been a mission where I was just a lowly rifleman. Then I think the base was attacked and it was just past 3:00, I was worried about organizing a group of soldiers. I think there is a skip here to the next morning. I was with (Jake M. I think), but then I had to go with him to get something. So we left the base and drove across town or something. I don't know about the start of the ride, but at the end I was riding on back of his motorcycle. After a drive through town and the Lake Shore Drive, we returned to the vase camp. At this point, everyone had Winter Woodland BDU Uniforms, I don't know about before that. Jake went off towards the commanders and I went in search of my platoon. I heard the commanders talk though. Jake was supposed to have driven bread to various platoons out on patrol/FTX's (Field Training Exercises), but we had shown up way late. The other commander called for some kind of harsh punishment, but LTC Jajack dismissed it say a third of his kids were often late. I heard Tom M. (Who had greeted us after parking and must've went with Jake to the commanders) tell them that we had been here in the morning (as we had) but had gone somewhere since then. I went to the barracks tent and looked for my platoon. I instead just found a bunch of former classmates now as soldiers. The Vaughns and others. I (semi-)accidentally got pushed around as a couple of other guys greeted each other.