it was really wild (sorry my grammar's bad I wrote this in like 2 minutes)

Date: 8/17/2017

By khaleah_lynn

so it started out i was at a school and outsiders the window i saw a bunch of meteours so i was like "oh shit the world is ending" and i had friends around me so i tried to convince them to leave but they were like "naw its pretty i want to watch it" so i left in my car. i was driving around this hill taking all these twists and turns, and i kept seeing these zombies walking around everywhere; i saw a few people though. it was 3 girls and 1 guy. the girls were like a trio and they looked like popstars and the guy dressed like he had already been through an apocalypse. so the dream continues with us driving around killing zombies and such. eventually we reach what looks like a safe haven so we go there and the girls pick their own house and the dude picks his and i pick mine. i'm just chilling in my bedroom when the girls come in and they'RE ALL ZOMBIES. they start attacking me and i end up "killing" them all but one of them bites a huge chunk out of my shoulder (i fought them all with one fork so it was kind of a mess). so theyre laying there dead and i'm laying there and i can feel myself turning into a zombie like my heartbeat stops and i start to feel really hungry. anyways the guy comes in, and he doesn't notice me at first because i'm like positioned against the dresser hiding away from the door. but he starts dragging the girls' bodies and i'm like "what are you doing?". and when i said that he looked at me a saw that one of my shoulders was basicalLY GONE. and he was like "you're right i should probably take care of you first." so i thought to myself okay lit because i thought he had a cure. he picked me up and carried me downstairs and outside and i looked at the sky and ths METEORS WERE BACK. and i was like dude whats going on and he told me, "the world is "ending" again, the news says that only 2% of people will survive this time. and i'm going to be one of them." so i was like well what the hell does that mean and then we came up to a buRNER and he said, "see you in hell." and he opened up the lid and it freaking looked like the pits of hell but no way was i going to burn so with my super zombie strength i over powered him and threw him into the burner. then i went walking around and a government official saw that i had been bit so he gAVE ME A CURE SKCKVLVL FIRST GUY COULD'VE GIVEN THAT TO ME. ANYWAYS, i went with him to a bunker where a bunch of people were and we waited until the world was finished "ending" again and then i woke up