Can't swim down a river

Date: 4/16/2017

By bluefox247

I go to visit my aunt and uncle in this dream and I ask them to take me to a river on their boat. I'm holding my cell phone and I don't want it to get wet so I put it in a glove compartment of the boat. For some reason I'm still worried it will fall out if the boat tilts or something. Once we get to the river my aunt and uncle want me to float down this one river without a life jacket or anything, which is something everyone does in this dream world I guess. I feel like I need to do it to prove myself so I ask if someone will come with me. But they refuse and insist I have to do it alone. So I start to get in from a shallower point and the water is quite cold and my aunt and uncle are looking at me from the ledge which is a lot higher than the river. When it gets deeper I feel seaweed on my feet and I run out of the water to the dock. I tell them I can't do it alone. "What if I break my ankle?" (random much) I ask. Aunt says "Of course that won't happen." But logically I know it's dangerous. Everyone leaves now, even my friends. I sit on the top of the mini cliff, right above the river, watching the flow pattern and where it heads to. The weather was very cloudy and the river was dark colored. I think to myself "If something were to happen I just didn't want to die alone." And I don't remember much after this but I know I never did swim the river, and it starts hailing so I do get my phone and leave eventually.