1940's Russia

Date: 3/6/2017

By cleerev

This dream in particular was strange, as I was a little blonde girl, much like the one from The Book Thief. I had lost both my parents, and was brought to a married couple who were aristocrats. I never saw my new father, but my mother was very kind. She told me about their manor and what her husband did. Then, both Russian and American people kept coming to our door, asking us to go undercover for them. We kept refusing and my new mother and I ended up running for 7 days through slums and forests to go to this refugee hospital type thing. We got there impossibly fast, and the nuns took us in with grace. We thought we were safe, but when they tried to get my mother to step into a burning furnace, I ran. Two weeks later, they found me and dragged me back to the wretched place. My mother was still alive, and we made a plan to escape with two other young girls, also blonde. When we got out, we were on iron bicycles, going impossibly slow. It was incredibly frustrating, because no matter how fast we pedaled we could not move fast enough to get away. That is when I woke up.