Dead brother

Date: 3/12/2017

By sana

Something happened , the vibe of small town changed ...every1 is murmuring in each others ears , not having guts to look in my eye .I am walking shattered "just want to knw ".sum1 said its regarding ur brother .its a mystry "is he missing? ,or he is dead ?".he is taboo talk of the town. I am shattered , aimlessly wandering on a barren land.My eyes fall upon a tatoo and dyed hair boy.In his eyes there is unfinshed revenge of my brother. He want to kill me .i have never seen him before "why do you want to kill me? May be because i look like my brother." Now i am sharing the fate of my brother. i ran with heavy breathing they are chasing me . I reached my town SCREAMING, " townmen listen , all those things you gossip about IS FAKE ..., these chasers are culprit" Townmen turned deaf ears to my appeal "Am i dead?" is it only my soul who reached the town. No one can hear my cries, world is so heartless .m still alive they dont seem to care .This is not the spiced gossip .They dont care at all.