Bunny Traveling Concerntion Camp

Date: 6/16/2019

By SwirlyBun

I dreamed that we were bunnies (also people the regime didn’t like who were called bunnies too) were sent to be killed. They killed the bunnies that didn’t have a slibing, that didn’t work with a slibing or a friend right of the bat through a cutter. M’s mom found M and said we barely qualified for the working with a friend criteria. So, we went out the room and in an elevator. I paused for a brief moment, but this was life or death. So, I had to put my fear aside. Me and M were confused at first because there were no usual buttons. There were: up and down, side to side, and another one I don’t remember. I press the up and down button. Of course, M asked if I knew what I was doing, seeming that I did it with no hesitation. The first floor was a map of the local area, I didn’t know the scale, because M just as quickly pointed at the back a small staircase leading to a lobby with glass windows showing a sunset. We talked about whether this was the floor as the door was closing. The door was almost closed by the time we decided it was the right floor, so I had to press the button again and hope it didn’t do something weird. The door opened and we ran out. The little leader and his team were that to congratulate us. I remember him saying, “most people can’t find this floor.” We went outside, we noticed there was a flea market of clothes, so we walked there since I had a little bit of cash. I windowshopped with M looking at skirts and me looking at the shorts and shorts. We got bored of the selection in a matter of minutes and walked to the outside glass box. I asked someone how long the drive was. He said a long one. I asked how many hours. He didn’t answer and walked away. The next day, it was noon. My sister(I think because she was very small) slammed my door locked it and said “The regime are after us.” I didn’t think to ask what happened to M. I didn’t think to ask why or since when. I didn’t think to ask why we’re now rejects. We stormed towards to window and tried for dear life to open the main window and all four bug sheets. We did it, and ran through a bunch of trees joking about how many bites we’ll get and talking seriously about what to do next. We still ran, but were slowed by a traffic of squid and octopuses. My sister went into road rage mode, but we decided to turn the other way. (As a transition into the next dream, the squid all of the sudden could text and posted a reply to us.)