Drew and Gary vs The Forces of Evil

Date: 7/12/2017

By drunchee

Me Garrett and Marcos are at Garrett's house. It's late, and we're spending the night. It's super super late but we aren't tired, and have all the lights on. I recall eating some dessert left out too. Suddenly, we hear Lisa coming down so we all hurriedly jump onto the couches in the big TV room, but Lisa sees Garrett jumping onto the mat, so she knows we weren't really asleep. She then tells us sternly to do so. The next day just Me and Garrett are at Grandmas house at night time. He's playing roller coaster tycoon on his game pad. I then head to a different room where a little girl is writing something. Somehow the character she writes about comes to life, and is very annoying, so I banish it/kill it, then head back to Garrett to tell him the story, but this time he's building a roller coaster on Minecraft. None of us are phased by the magical book or the girl. I go back to the girl and this time I discover that SHE is annoying as all hell as well! So me and her and her magical character have a heated argument.