The shooter

Date: 8/23/2017

By lvig

I was sleeping, I don't know where exactly but my parents were around and I went to go leave the room and this guy was just walking up with a gun. I remember locking the door however the guy could still see me through the window in the door but he wasn't alarmed by me at all. He ended up hiding out outside of the room for quite a while and I remember him making direct eye contact with me and then just got up and started walking around. When he left, my dad felt the need to have a cigarette and left the room. I remember being extremely concerned about my dad. There was a huge police presence that all of a sudden came in and they were walking around what seemed like a mall almost it was quite big however we were just in a room with a closet almost like a hotel room within the mall. I remember the police looking everywhere for this man and then all of a sudden I realized he was curled up in the closet with a bunch of my clothes over top of him sleeping. I remember getting the police attention and they all came running over however they didn't want to wake him because he had poop all over his pants. That's one of the last memories that I recall before I woke up.