zombies and peeing

Date: 2/17/2017

By Maffiwip

Ark bit with zombies and I loved it. Found a cool part of a broken building to make my base. - Had to think of a theme for something. Classy Sass. School project. It's wet. I want Starbucks. Walking to a weird part of the school, lots of places outside like in Harry Potter. Zombie tied up in the garage. I explain to someone why we don't kill it - because there's millions to kill we might as well study this one while me was it. A boy, like twelve, tried to get his hands in my pants but I don't let him. Teacher is weird. Installs hoses to our backs. Part of our project now is to complete weird assignments. One of which is that he'll start our hoses when we don't expect it and we have to do something to turn them off. There are other assignments too but I forget. Shared a room with Erin Carrol. I go to pee but the door doesn't close all the way. I go anyway. And then it feels like i still have to pee so I push really hard and I WAKE up. I had peed a little bit.