Wedding but who’s the Groom

Date: 3/3/2019

By Aimskodak

I was on a field with some friends and there was a horse drawn sleigh. It wasn’t snowy, it was a normal football field in Summer. There was crowds of people all around. My friends decided to jump onto the sleigh and it turned into a Simulated Ride. It rose up into the air and there was a screen that began to play something. I decided not to go on it because I had seen 2 good looking guys and wanted to chat to them. One was my friend from NYC, a guy named Ariel. And the other was just an attractive dark hair, tall guy. I was flirting with them both. Skip. The group of friends, the two guys and myself were walking up a long Wooden stair case that led to a house. We all went inside and there was a party. Skip. I woke up lying on a mattress on the floor. Ariel was on a bed across the room and the handsome guy was lying on the floor between a couch and coffee table. Something was said and a laugh was had and he ended up coming over to my bed. I knew that we hadn’t progressed to being anything, not sexually. I wrapped my arms around him and slept on his chest. Skip. I woke up on what I knew was the day after I got married. Not my guy friends, but another guy I knew, was in the room. He had brought in a group of men who then started to try and sexually assault me. The tall dark handsome man came into the room and got them off of me. Saved the day. He took me outside to calm down. When we went back in there was a wedding celebration for me going on. I had a young girl run over to me and told me it was like I was a Disney princess. I had a little chat with her and told her one day she would be a princess too. The dark, handsome man told me that princesses deserved a crown and pulled out a (what I thought was beautiful) chain mail crown. It was super floppy and I didn’t know how I would put it on. I leaned my head forward and placed it on my head, hoping it wouldn’t flop. When I looked into the mirror it had turned into a Disney princess Pointed Hat crown. The one with the floppy bit of material hanging off it. The hat had 2 points instead of just the normal cone crown. When I pulled on the material it appeared to then turn into a beautiful pink , silk dress with a matching silk cape and a beautiful bow at the front. I realised I didn’t even know who my husband was and I can remember dancing as my “first dance” with him but not remembering who my actual husband was . I woke up