The Portals

Date: 8/1/2019

By thisdamsel

THE PORTALS— Have a dream that you woke up from it fearful of forgetting and knowing at best you should take a pause in your slumber and write it down in fear of forgetting? Wanting to not forget it and know you should instantly write it down for fear of forgetting? Maybe? Maybe not? Well, at best I try to do such but not always able to shift my mind in between dream and awake. In the dream, I was a part of a group presently traveling through a portal when it was discovered some of our group members were lost in between the worlds. Another variable with the portals was a time derivative that allowed for time travel. The distinct need for being certain the specific portal was located along with the exact time in order to find the lost group member was important and priority. The dream then transported me and the rest of our group into the future where we were able to witness an account that had not yet occurred but could. The future “realm” or time showed a scenario of predators from another planet that find their way through the portals into the portal of our lost group was and where they would become victimized by these predators. A “race to beat the clock”, or time, and to find the portal to save the members from the coming doom had started. PT 2 — The dream moved as if in fast forward to an entirely different world, or a glimpse into a new portal. Again, I was a part of a group of people unknown to me and in a house set far beyond a city. The views from the windows looked down as if the house where we were sat on a hill above the city. Suddenly a lightning storm with clouds of smoke and haze carried from a tornado of such magnitude. The lightning was both purple and black that struck with such force everything shook as if an earthquake. It was instantly obvious something evil was coming and my dream flashed as if transporting me down into the city witnessing the terror of the people unfold. The group I was with knew there was to be an evil witch within the tornado as only myself and another member watched the storm take root downtown. As we looked out the window and down at the city we saw the smoke and haze drift upwards toward our house on the hill. Immediately we began to bolt the windows and doors to prepare for either hiding or defense as the haze slowly crept toward us. — JLJ @thisdamsel